Jaguar XF 3.0 D driven

* You'll like: nearly everything * You won't: the standard car's cheaper * From £38,600...

18 May 2010
Jaguar XF 3.0 D driven

Ask any artist about the most difficult aspect of the creative process, and most will tell you that its knowing when to stop. Jaguar could do well to take heed.

The standard XF 3.0 D V6 S has a sophisticated image, a brilliant chassis, a refined diesel engine and a gem of an interior. Its even better now, because it now gets the same cabin treatment as the supercharged 500bhp XFR, including leather sports seats featuring power-adjustable side bolsters and 18-way adjustment, and piano black veneer trim.

However, there are now two new ways you can 'enhance' your car. First up is the cosmetic Aerodynamic pack, which adds black mesh inserts for the grille, LED daytime running lights and extended side skirts. Unfortunately it also adds £2000 to the invoice.

More dramatic, is the Dynamics pack, which adds adaptive suspension and 20-inch five spoke alloy wheels.

The electronically adjustable suspension monitors chassis movements and steering inputs to enhance handling, and for the most part its entirely successful. The downside is that its stricter body movements bring a firmer ride, so it definitely wont be to all tastes, especially when you consider how brilliant the standard cars ride and handling balance is.

The £1250 price also means your wallet will get almost much of a pounding as your backside, too. As we said, its all about knowing when to stop.