Jaguar XF pedestrian airbag goes off early

Pedestrian airbag activates leaving Jaguar XF owner with a £5000 repair bill...

28 April 2015
Jaguar XF pedestrian airbag goes off early

Three days after taking delivery of our new Jaguar XF at the end of last year, we had to make an emergency stop to avoid hitting a dog that ran into the road. The shock of this was compounded when we discovered the Pedestrian Protection System had deployed.

Our car was towed away and has been in a Jaguar workshop ever since. We’ve received a £5000 quote for the repair work.

Seeing as there was no impact, we believe that there must be a problem with the system and that we are not responsible for any repair costs. What can we do?

What Car? says

Jaguar’s Pedestrian Protection System has an airbag that lifts the bonnet to reduce injury to pedestrians. It is meant to be operational between 12mph and 28mph only.

As there was no impact, the system should not have deployed. If Jaguar is insisting that there was an impact, you should pay to have an independent inspection done which will hopefully shed some light on the situation.

It is also worth shopping around for repair quotes because a bill of £5000 is excessive.