Lamborghini Ad Personam

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Jim Holder
14 January 2008

Lamborghini Ad Personam

It says quite a lot about Lamborghini that it can attract a crowd to the launch of a new paint colour.

Yet with no new car, or even a modified special edition of an existing machine to woo the crowds, that's exactly what Lamborghini did in Detroit.

The Ad Personam programme is described by the company as: 'A way of owning an even more exclusive Lamborghini'.

Put simply, it lets Lamborghini buyers specify exactly what colour they want their car, as long as technicians can match the swatch with paint.

In addition, buyers can choose from a variety of leather, stitching and carbonfibre detailing on their car's interior.

On show in Detroit are two paint colours: Marrone Apus, which is somewhere between brown and black, and Blu Cephalus, which is described by the company as being 'inspired by the purity and transparency of polar ice', but which the man on the street would call pale blue.