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Least reliable hybrid cars

Hybrid cars are complex machines, but does all that technology make them unreliable? Here we reveal the most and least dependable models...

Most and least reliable hybrids 2021 - BMW X5

The three least reliable hybrid cars

3. Volvo XC60 (2017 - present)

Volvo XC60 front cornering

Reliability rating 95.4%

XC60 drivers primarily reported faults with non-engine electrical systems. Out of the 20% of cars with problems, 20% were deemed as non-driveable and were off the road for between one day and one week. With most cars still under warranty, all costs were covered by Volvo. 

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2. Mitsubishi Outlander (2014 - present)

Mitsubishi Outlander 2020 RHD front left cornering

Reliability rating 93.8%

Mitsubishi covered the costs of all 15% of faults their customers experienced; the most common problem areas were non-engine electrics, the battery and air conditioning. However, a whopping 80% of these mishaps took more than one week to repair. The only good news is that all costs were covered by Mitsubishi, even though many of the cars would have been out of warranty. 

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1. BMW X5 (2018 - present)

BMW X5 2020 RHD front cornering

Reliability rating 89.7%

A quarter of X5s were sent to repair shops with issues, predominantly to do with the bodywork and brakes, followed by problems with the engine and battery. The majority of these repairs (55%) took between one day and one week to fix, while 27% took more than a week to repair. However, BMW covered all the costs, as all cars were still under warranty. 

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