Maserati considers Porsche Cayenne rival

* 4x4 based on Jeep Grand Cherokee * Fiat boss keen to exploit economies of scale * Maserati has shown 4x4 concept previously...

Maserati considers Porsche Cayenne rival

Maserati could build a 4x4 to rival the Porsche Cayenne.

The new car would be based on the Jeep Grand Cherokee, with both a budget Fiat and luxury Maserati spin-off from the platform planned.

Fiat and Maserati boss Sergio Marchionne took over the running of Chrysler last year, and is eager to increase scales of economy and to cut costs by sharing technology between the companies.

Maserati has previously flirted with building a luxury 4x4, showing the Maserati Kubang concept car at the 2003 Detroit motor show.

Maserati is also understood to be considering a rival to the BMW M5.