Maserati reveals plans for new model

* Quattroporte GTS to launch in March * Gran Turismo GTS to follow * New Spyder in 2010...

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What Car? Staff
06 February 2009

Maserati reveals plans for new model

Maserati will follow up a record sales year in 2008 by fleshing out its model ranges and adding a third, all-new car within the next 12 months.

The first launch will be the Quattroporte GTS, which will go on sale in March. It is a slightly more powerful, but more sportily tuned and trimmed version of the four-door saloon. Prices will start from 89,500.

Later in the year, the same engine and gearbox package will be used in the Gran Turismo Coupe, adding a third model to that range.

Unlike the Gran Turismo S, which is the only Maserati using an automated manual gearbox, the forthcoming GTS will have a fully automatic unit.

At the start of 2010 a new Spyder will be introduced, which will based on the Gran Turismo. Unlike the previous Spyder, which was strictly a two-seater, Maserati says the new model will accommodate four.