Mazda 2 driven

* Face-lifted version of Mazdas supermin * On sale now, from £9995 * MPG 48.7-67.3 * CO2 110-146 g/km...

Mazda 2 driven

What is it? Face-lifted version of Mazdas sporty supermini
Price from £9995
On sale Now
MPG 48.7-67.3
CO2 110-146 g/km

As far as face-lifts go, the Mazda 2s is on the barely noticeable side of subtle.

Theres a new front bumper that incorporates the brands latest look, but nothing else has changed on the outside. Inside, there are upgraded materials, but thats about all you can see.

The biggest changes are the ones you cant. The engines have been tweaked to provide slightly better fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions, although the changes are only a couple of miles per gallon here and the odd g/km there.

The previous 1.4-litre diesel version has also been dropped, and the 1.5-litre petrol engine can now be combined with a four-speed automatic gearbox.

We reckon the 83bhp 1.3 petrol version is still the one to go for its quick enough and keeps things affordable. Admittedly, the 101bhp 1.5 petrol is more lively, but it also pushes the price up.

Mazda has also fettled the 2s suspension to provide a more supple ride. Its still on the firm side, but it now strikes a better balance between sportiness and comfort. Where the previous car was impressively controlled through corners but unforgiving over all but the smoothest surfaces, the new one is more easygoing. Its still good fun, with impressive agility and responsive steering, but you no longer feel like your fillings are about to be shaken out.

Mazda hasnt made any strides in making the 2 more refined, though. As before, theres more engine and road noise in the cabin than youll find in many rivals, which can become tiring over longer journeys.

Prices have gone up by a fraction, but the 2 is still keenly priced. Its good value, as long as you dont expect too much kit. Entry-level TS versions have air-conditioning, front airbags and an aux-in socket, but you need to move up to TS2 to gain side and curtain airbags and stability control is only fitted to automatic and Sport versions.

What Car? says

Changes dont go far enough, but still decent value

Leo Wilkinson