McLaren X-1 concept revealed

* McLaren shows X-1 supercar concept at Pebble Beach * Created for anonymous McLaren enthusiast * Been in planning for three years...

McLaren X-1 concept revealed

This is the McLaren X-1, a unique concept car which has been revealed at Pebble Beach in California and showcases the customisation possibilities offered by the company.

The X-1 concept car was created for a customer whi already owns a McLaren F1, Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren and an MP4-12C, but wanted something unique.

He wanted something that portrayed timeless and classical elegance and reflected his personality.

The X-1 is based on the MP4-12C, but everything about the exterior styling is bespoke, even the lights and the wheels. The carbonfibre covers over the rear wheels are the most eye-catching addition.

There are also details in aluminium, such as the logo and other brightwork, while the interior is the same basic layout as the MP4-12C's. However, it features bespoke red nappa leather, a titanium weave to the carbon trim on the dash, and a tufted carpet on the floor.

The X-1 is 109mm longer and 188mm wider than the 12C, but it is much the same height and weight.

McLaren has not said where the customer who ordered the car lives, or where it will be heading after the show, but has confirmed that Pebble Beach will be the only public appearance. As the X-1 is left-hand drive it is unlikely to head to the UK.

McLaren also refused to confirm how much was spent on the car. However, a spokeswoman said: If the personalisation team can do it, they will. There is no set limit on what you can spend.

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Tom Webster