Mitsubishi CA-Miev concept

* Concept showing EV technology * Wireless charging; 186-mile range * No plans for production...

Mitsubishi CA-Miev concept

The Mitsubishi CA-Miev concept is at Geneva displaying the company's future EV technology.

It features high-density, lithium-ion batteries, advanced aerodynamics and wireless charging technology.

The sloping rear roofline, the rear diffuser and the use of rear-view cameras instead of mirrors all work together to improve airflow over the car.

The CA-Miev features an all-in-one power unit consisting of an 80kw electric motor, an inverter and a charger.

The hatchback has five seats and has been designed to achieve a range of 186 miles on a single charge, which Mitsubishi claims is approximately the distance an average European family drives in a week.

The driver can control a number of features from their smartphone, including remote locking and unlocking, remote energy monitoring and setting the onboard temperature. The CA-Miev can also email the owner if the car is stolen.

There are no plans for the CA-Miev to go into production.

By Matthew Burrow

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