Mitsubishi plans plug-in hybrids across its range

* Mitsubishi to offer a plug-in or electric version of every model * To be offered within next five years * Outlander PHEV first, ASX next...

Mitsubishi plans plug-in hybrids across its range

Mitsubishi will offer a plug-in hybrid or electric version of every model in its range within six years.

The first of these models will be the Outlander PHEV that goes on sale this summer, with the ASX plug-in due to follow in 'a couple of years'.

Mitsubishi's UK managing director, Lance Bradley, said: 'The plan is that by 2020 20% of everything we sell will be either electric or plug-in hybrid.'

The only exception to the plug-in plan, said Bradley, was the Mirage, the company's smallest car.

However, he confirmed that 'all models from now on will be designed with plug-in technology in mind, with the possible exception of a small car if that goes electric.'

Despite the more economical intentions of plug-in hybrid technology, Bradley said that Mitsubishi's SUV ethos will remain.

'For Outlander and the next-generation Shogun it is essential that those cars are four-wheel drive,' he said.

Full pricing for the Outlander PHEV will be announced next month, but it is expected to cost little more than the diesel version. Bradley said: 'People expect electric cars to save them money, so they don't expect to pay a premium. So when we were looking at launching the PHEV we had that very much in mind.'

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