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New Ford Fiesta ST vs used Honda Civic Type R: verdict

At our 2021 new car awards, the Fiesta ST won best hot hatch for value, but is it as compelling a choice as a used Civic Type R for the same money?...

Toyota GR Yaris 2021 front

New Ford Fiesta ST vs used Honda Civic Type R – alternatives

New rivals, used rivals

If we set aside the far higher list price and focus on the far more affordable PCP monthly payments, our favourite hot hatch of the moment, the Toyota GR Yaris, is actually surprisingly affordable. We think it's worth the little bit extra for its greater performance and a stunning four-wheel drive system that makes it a junior rally car for the road.

We can't discuss practical hot hatches without bringing up the icon that is the Volkswagen Golf GTI. True, the previous generation MK7 version will be nowhere near as engaging a drive, but it'll have more palatable looks and far greater refinement for long distance trips.

Volkswagen Golf GTI front

New Ford Fiesta ST vs used Honda Civic Type R – which is best?

Our verdict

You could go for either of these cars and not be disappointed with your decision. In particular, if playful handling, low running costs, ease of parking and not looking like you have an ASBO are priorities, the Ford Fiesta ST makes a great buy.


But you can see why the Honda Civic Type R costs so much more when new. It's a devastatingly quick cross-country tool that's always a pleasure to drive, thanks to beautifully weighted controls. And yet it also offers superior ride comfort and practicality, making it far easier to live with. It's a brilliant used buy and has to be the winner here.

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