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New Ford Fiesta ST vs used Renault Megane RS 300 Trophy: verdict

The Fiesta ST is a great hot hatch. But for the same sort of money as a new one, you could have a two-year-old Megane RS with almost 100bhp more. So, which is the better buy?...

2018 Volkswagen Polo GTI

New Ford Fiesta ST vs used Renault Megane RS 300 Trophy – alternatives

New rivals, used rivals

For those wanting a more classy, civilised, tech-filled alternative to a new Fiesta ST, consider the Polo GTI. It’s not as fun to drive or as capable through the bends so it doesn’t quite tick as many hot-hatch boxes, but it does offer strong performance and is easier to live with.

When looking for an alternative to a used Megane RS 300 Trophy, there’s another Ford worth a good look at: the Fiesta ST’s larger sibling, the Focus ST. They’re available for a couple thousand pounds less than the RS 300 Trophy and, though less powerful, get plenty of performance and are a lot of fun to drive. 

Ford Focus ST 2021 front

Want a wildcard? How about the mad Honda Civic Type R – it’s razor-sharp to drive and is one of our favourite new/used hot hatches. 

New Ford Fiesta ST vs used Renault Megane RS 300 Trophy – which is best?

Our verdict

This is a tough one. Both are excellent hot hatches in their own right. They’re fast, fun to drive, practical, well-equipped and good value for money. We have our minor complaints here and there – the Megane RS’s gearshift, for example – but when you take into account the many plus points of both, neither stands head and shoulders above the other. We will admit that the Fiesta ST might just have nabbed the victory if the Megane RS were new (and subsequently £14,000 more expensive), but at its price point used, there really isn’t much between them. 


Your personal preferences will dictate which is the better buy for you. If you want a quick small car with a feisty yet economical engine, playful handling and a slick gear change, go for the Fiesta ST. If you’re looking for a larger, faster, raspier hot hatch, go for the Megane RS 300 Trophy. 

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