New greener Peugeot 207 launched

* Emissions of just 99g/km * Average economy of 74.3mpg * On sale now from 12,995...

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20 July 2009

New greener Peugeot 207 launched

Peugeot has launched a green 207 with carbon dioxide emissions of just 99g/km.

The new 207 Economique is powered by Peugeot's 1.6-litre HDi diesel engine, which uses revised electronics and a modified five-speed manual gearbox with higher ratio gearing to help achieve an average of 74.3mpg.

Other eco-friendly technology includes a gearshift indicator to help the driver select the most efficient gear, along with low-resistance tyres to further trim fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The ride height has also been lowered by 5mm, to cut aerodynamic drag.

Visual makeover, too
The 207 Economique gets 15-inch alloys wheels, black instrument dials and grey interior door handles, along with chrome detailing on the gearknob. There are also side, passenger and driver airbags, plus three rear three-point seatbelts.

It's available in two trim levels - Economique and Economique+ - with higher-spec Economique+ adding air-conditioning.

However, the higher-spec model retains the same 99g/km co2 emissions through the use of Peugeot's energy-saving air-con system, which constantly monitors the external temperature and operates only when required.

The Peugeot 207 Economique will go on sale in the UK in October, with prices from 12,995.
Peugeot Economique prices
•Economique 3dr - £12,995
•Economique 5 dr - £13,595
•Economique + 3dr - £13,895
•Economique + 5dr - £14,495