New Hyundai Ioniq vs Toyota Prius

Could petrol hybrids replace diesels as our go-to economical choice? We test the Hyundai Ioniq and Toyota Prius to find out...

New Hyundai Ioniq vs Toyota Prius

Our verdict

Both cars are genuine alternatives to regular diesel hatchbacks. The Toyota Prius, particularly, makes sense if you do a lot of town driving, where it’s really frugal, while the Hyundai Ioniq is a closer match to a diesel’s economy on the motorway. By a narrow margin, though, the Ioniq triumphs.

It is disappointing that it’s pricier to run as a company car and to lease, but the differences are relatively small, so we feel this is outweighed by the fact it’s quicker, more fun to drive and better equipped.

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1st – Hyundai Ioniq

New Hyundai Ioniq vs Toyota Prius

For Cheaper to buy; better equipped; quicker; more fun to drive

Against Slightly firmer ride; not as cheap on fuel and company car tax

Verdict Better all-round package, and still offers sensible running costs

Rated 4 out of 5

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2nd – Toyota Prius

New Hyundai Ioniq vs Toyota Prius

For Very low company car tax; cheaper to lease; superb urban economy

Against Boomy engine; grabby brakes; below par infotainment system

Verdict Just loses out, but still a fine car and great for business users

Specifications: Hyundai Ioniq

Engine size 1.6-litre petrol plus electric motor

List price £21,795

Target Price £19,295

Power 139bhp (combined output)

Torque 108lb ft @ 4000rpm (engine)

0-60mph 10.3sec

Top speed 115mph

Gov't fuel economy 83.1mpg

True MPG 46.9mpg

CO2 emissions 79g/km

Specifications: Toyota Prius

Engine size 1.8-litre petrol plus electric motor

List price £23,600

Target Price £21,889

Power 121bhp (combined output)

Torque 105lb ft @ 3600rpm (engine)

0-60mph 11.0sec

Top speed 112mph

Gov't fuel economy 94.1mpg

True MPG 50.5mpg

CO2 emissions 70g/km