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New Kia Sportage vs used Volvo XC40 practicality

Around £30,000 will buy you a shiny new Kia Sportage family SUV, but is that money better spent on something with a prestige badge, like a used Volvo XC40?...

Kia Sportage interior rear seats

Space and practicality

Front space, rear space, seating flexibility, boot

While the Kia Sportage and Volvo XC40 offer up the same amount of front-seat head room, the XC40 provides a little more leg room – although you'll have to be taller than the average NBA player to feel cramped in the Sportage.

It's a similar story in the rear, with the XC40 having the edge for knee room, but both cars spacious enough to keep the vast majority of people happy. And it's actually the Sportage that's more comfortable for three rear passengers, thanks to its wider interior and the smaller hump in its floor.

Volvo XC40 2022 interior rear seats

The XC40 has 60/40 split-folding rear seats, but the Sportage features a more useful 40/20/40 configuration and its boot is usefully bigger.

Boot space

Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage boot open

Boot 591 litres Suitcases 8

Volvo XC40

Volvo XC40 2022 boot open

Boot 440 litres Suitcases 7

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