New Mercedes-AMG GLC vs Porsche Macan

Mercedes-AMG’s new GLC 63 S enters the ring with one of Porsche’s hardest-hitting SUVs: the Macan Turbo...

New Mercedes-AMG GLC vs Porsche Macan

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

​ Both SUVs are capable of prodigious speeds, so they need to offer an excellent driving position. The GLC’s standard sports seat proves comfortable and very supportive, while its leather-wrapped, flat-bottomed steering wheel has a wide range of movement.

The Macan’s seat places you lower than you might expect and doesn’t hug your sides as well, so it’s less supportive in corners. Factor in a bulge in the transmission tunnel that pushes your left leg over to the right and the Macan is less comfortable for the driver.

New Mercedes-AMG GLC vs Porsche Macan

The GLC also scores points when it comes to interior design. Sure, the Macan looks and feels like a quality product, thanks to a plethora of soft plastics, well-damped switches and beautiful brushed aluminium accents, but the GLC delivers an interior that’s more striking, even if it’s not as sturdy-feeling in places.​

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