New Toyota Aygo X vs Hyundai i10: costs

The new Toyota Aygo X blurs the lines between city car and small SUV. Let’s find out if that’s the way ahead or a bridge too far...

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Buying and owning

Costs, equipment, reliability, safety and security

There isn’t a huge amount between the two in terms of list prices, but at the time of writing there were no discounts to be had on the Toyota Aygo X, whereas you can pick up an Hyundai i10 with a healthy saving if you use our free New Car Buying service. If you’re buying via PCP finance, though, the Aygo X’s higher predicted resale values help to make each monthly payment much smaller – £42 per month smaller, in fact.

What’s more, looking at a longer-term view, those stronger resale values combine with lower servicing costs and more affordable insurance to make the Aygo X around £1500 cheaper to run over three years. And that’s before you take fuel into account. Our True MPG tests proved that the Aygo X is considerably more economical for all types of driving, beating the i10 by at least 7mpg in town and more than 10mpg on rural roads. Such thriftiness is especially welcome due to the £8 a gallon petrol prices at the time of writing.

Hyundai i10 2022 side

Higher CO2 emissions mean that a company car driver in the 20% tax bracket will pay a bit more to run an i10, but only by £5 per month, or the price of a large latte.

It’s a toss-up between a longer list of gadgets or a bigger suite of safety tech as to whether the i10 or the Aygo X has the advantage, kit-wise. Both cars offer such niceties as climate control and automatic lights and wipers, but the i10 adds heating for the steering wheel and front seats, while the Aygo X counters with lane-centring assistance, road sign recognition and a driver attention monitor.

New Toyota Aygo X vs Hyundai i10 costs

Safety body Euro NCAP has yet to evaluate the Aygo X, but given that it has a more up-to-date collision avoidance system that can recognise pedestrians and cyclists in the dark (not just during the day, as with the i10), we anticipate that it will put in a better showing than the i10 did in 2020, when it received a disappointing rating of three stars out of five.

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