New Volkswagen Taigo vs Ford Puma: practicality

In a world of boxy small SUVs, the voluptuous new Volkswagen Taigo certainly stands out. But it will take a lot more than good looks to beat the class-leading Ford Puma...

Volkswagen Taigo 2022 rear seats

Space and practicality

Front space, rear space, seating flexibility, boot

Both cars offer plenty of room for those sitting in the front, even if those people happen to be very tall, with the Volkswagen Taigo having the edge by a narrow margin. It’s in the back where the Taigo has a bigger advantage; it’s more generous for both leg and head room, and not by just a centimetre or two.

While a couple of six-footers will fit in the back of the Ford Puma, they will feel more cramped and don’t get as much space for their feet under the seat in front. The Taigo also gives rear seat occupants a better view out, thanks to its taller side windows.

Ford Puma 2022 rear seats

In terms of interior storage space, both cars have a pair of cupholders between driver and front passenger, plus a tray large enough to hold a phone in front of the gearlever. You have to pay £300 extra to get a wireless charging pad in the Puma (a feature that’s standard in the Taigo), but with its USB and 12-volt sockets so conveniently located beside the storage tray, this isn’t a must-have option. Both cars have a cubby below their front centre armrest, the Puma’s being usefully larger.

While the Puma isn’t overly generous with rear seat space, it makes amends with a more versatile boot. While both cars provide enough space to swallow six carry-on suitcases in the main compartment below their parcel shelves, the Puma has a trick up its sleeve; if you lift up its boot floor, you’ll find a large well underneath – Ford calls it a Megabox – that can swallow two more cases.

It’s an extremely handy feature; clipping the boot floor to the rear seatbacks enables you to stand two sets of golf clubs or a couple of large pot plants upright in the well. There’s even a removable plug at the bottom so you can hose out any dirt afterwards.

Ford Puma 2022 Mega Box

Otherwise, the boots of both cars are uniformly shaped and have height-adjustable floors. In their highest setting, these all but eliminate the lip at the entrance, as well as ironing out the step that’s formed when the rear seats are folded to create a virtually flat load bay. You also get useful hooks on the sides for hanging loose items, such as shopping bags.

Neither car has particularly clever rear seats; while those of its Volkswagen T-Cross sister can slide back and forth to suit your needs, the Taigo’s are fixed in place, as are the Puma’s (both offer a simple 60/40 split-folding bench). The Taigo comes with roof rails as standard – useful if you plan to fit accessories such as a roof box or a bike rack. Roof rails cost £200 extra on the Puma.

Boot space

Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Taigo 2022 boot

Boot capacity 440-1222 litres Suitcases 6

Ford Fiesta

Ford Puma 2022 boot

Boot capacity 456-1216 litres Suitcases 8

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