Next Mitsubishi Evo to be smaller

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Next Mitsubishi Evo to be smaller

The next-generation Mitsubishi Evo will be smaller than the current car, according to company president Osamu Masuko.

He said: 'We haven't decided how small yet, probably going back to the former size [of the original Evo].'

This would see the Evo shrink by around 20cm in length the first-generation car was 431cm long, while the current model has grown to 450cm.

However, Masuko confirmed that the new car is not imminent and the company needs the European economy to improve before it gets final approval.

However, Masuko confirmed that Mitsubishi remains committed to the new car, telling What Car?: 'It is one of our assets. We have developed this car so far and we want to continue.'

Commenting on rumours that the next-generation car could be powered by a hybrid powertrain, Masuko said that the company had 'not decided' what engine would be used

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By Tom Webster

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