Nissan recalls 4700 Jukes and Micras

* 4714 1.6 Jukes and 1.2 Micras recalled * Faulty fuel sensor could lead to fire * Recall likely to be in next few weeks...

Nissan recalls 4700 Jukes and Micras

Nissan UK have announced plans to recall 4714 Nissan Juke and current Nissan Micra models.

The recall concerns only 1.6-litre Juke and 1.2-litre Micras.

The UK announcement comes after Nissan North America published recall details for its Juke, Infiniti M and Infiniti QX models yesterday.

Nissan said the fuel tank's fuel-pressure sensor may not be tightened properly, and could come away after continued vibration.

Ultimately, this could mean a fuel leak and a potential risk of fire.

The UK recall will be issued in the next couple of weeks, while Nissan UK finds the customers affected.

For more information, visit your local Nissan dealer.

Rory White