Patsy Kensit has car stolen

* Thieves took keys * Mini found later * Star not home at the time...

Patsy Kensit has car stolen

Thieves stole the keys to actress Patsy Kensit's car from her London home, then took off with her Mini Cooper.

The star of Holby City wasn't at home when the burglary took place, but returned to find the 11,000 car missing.

Police believe the thieves got into the house by reaching through the letterbox and opening a catch inside. A police spokeswoman said: 'Members of the public are reminded not to leave either house or car keys within reach of letterboxes as this is a method frequently used by burglars.'

The car was fitted with false registration plates and driven around the area for several days before being recovered.

Kensit said: 'It's been a very trying time, but life goes on.'

Danny Dyer has two cars stolen
Actor Danny Dyer has also been victim of a car theft. Thieves took two cars, a Porsche and a Mercedes-Benz, from his home while he and his family slept.

Dyer, star of films including The Football Factory and Dead man Running told The Sun newspaper: 'It's the lowest point of my life.'

One of the cars was found later nearby. 'Luckily I'm lazy and I didn't fill it up with petrol, so they probably panicked and just dumped it,' Dyer said.