Personal Shopper: hybrid or electric?

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What Car? Personal Shopper

The reader

Dear What Car?,

My wife and I are more than 70 years old and keen gardeners. We have a diesel Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate at the moment, because we need to carry lots of plants and compost bags from time to time. I'm considering a new vehicle that has lots of safety aids, ease of access and comfort. We have solar panels, so charging a car would be almost free when it’s sunny.

We do up to 6000 miles per year, and aside from a few 500-mile round trips, we mostly do short journeys of less than 30 miles. I can't decide between petrol, a hybrid or a fully electric vehicle, so I'm seeking your help.

We don't want a large SUV. We have sat in a Volvo XC40, though, and found it very comfortable; should we buy one, and what are the other options? We have a maximum of £48,000 to spend.


The brief

Given Terry's small annual mileage and that most of his trips are short journeys into town, an electric car would seem to be the perfect fit here. Making the case even stronger is the fact that, thanks to his solar charging panels, filling up an electric car should be almost cost-neutral. So, which options can we recommend? First up, it's Darren's new car choice.

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