Promoted: All-New Nissan LEAF time to change

The new Nissan LEAF is a brilliant family hatchback that also happens to be a zero-emissions car...

Promoted: All-New Nissan LEAF time to change

Welcome to a world where the car you drive can make a real difference – to you, and the people around you. The New Nissan LEAF takes the all-electric formula that has made it so popular, and now adds even greater range.

Even before you consider the advanced electric motor, the sharply-styled five-seat LEAF would be a tempting choice for your next family car. It has extra width and length to boost passenger comfort, a 435-litre boot that’s bigger than the Volkswagen e-Golf’s or the BMW i3’s, and particularly spacious rear seats that tall people will really appreciate.

The New Nissan LEAF is packed with cutting-edge technology, while the driving experience is more engaging thanks to a revised chassis and suspension, and a new electric motor which is nearly 30% more powerful. With 100% instant torque, it trims three seconds off the 0-62mph time compared to the previous model, lowering it to a decidedly brisk 8.0sec.

You also get a huge array of ‘intelligent mobility’ driver aids that take 21st century motoring to a new level of safety and convenience. But here’s the best news. A bigger 40kWh battery has increased the New LEAF’s driving range to 235 miles NEDC, which means you can do plenty of commuting and everday trips without having to recharge.

It also means you can do London to Scarborough in one hit – and who wouldn’t want to do that? In the 40 minutes or so that it takes to tuck into a delicious fish and chip supper, the New Nissan LEAF will recover up to 80% of its battery capacity when connected to a rapid charger. On the way home, the ingenious new e-Pedal feature – which lets you accelerate and brake with one pedal – greatly simplifies driving and the battery regeneration process.

There are plenty of reasons why the New Nissan LEAF is the UK’s leader in electric vehicles. Now, there are plenty more.

What the experts think

What Car? has tried the New Nissan LEAF, and was impressed by what it found. “The Nissan LEAF’s interior has taken a big step forward… it feels airier than before, and leg room in the rear is particularly good”. On the road, What Car? praised the LEAF’s “vastly better” driving range and “extra punch”.

The final verdict: “With its strong performance, increased range and roomier, more user-friendly interior, the New LEAF is a huge step forward for Nissan. Holding off on ordering that e-Golf or Zoe could be a wise move.”

No fuel is good fuel

Both Nissan and What Car? are committed to helping drivers understand the real cost of motoring. True MPG is What Car?’s guide to how many miles a petrol, diesel or hybrid car really does to the gallon. Still, when it comes to fuel efficiency, no petrol. diesel or hybrid engine can beat the Nissan LEAF: it uses no combustible fuel at all.

For more information on What Car? True MPG, click here.For more information on the all-electric Nissan LEAF, click here.

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