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With a plug-in hybrid powertrain and all-wheel-drive in both electric and petrol modes, Mitsubishi’s family-friendly SUV is a true all-rounder...

With a plug-in hybrid powertrain and all-wheel-drive, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is a true all-rounder

In November, we took three heroes from Mitsubishi’s diverse range of rugged and capable SUVs to the heart of the Lake District, following two extreme triathletes on a gruelling training session from Ullswater lake to Kirkstone peak.

Let’s take a closer look at one of the stars of that epic adventure – the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

With a plug-in hybrid powertrain that delivers up to 28 miles of all-electric range*, allied to a four-wheel-drive system that lets you head off-road, and a stylish, comfortable and spacious interior that's brimming with technology, the Outlander PHEV is the original hybrid SUV – perfect for conquering the city, as well as tackling long road trips and the great outdoors with family and friends.

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Hybrid performance where it counts

The heart of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV’s hybrid performance is a pair of powerful front- and rear-wheel electric motors allied to a 13.8kWh lithium-ion battery. They offer up to 28 miles of all-electric, zero-emissions range – more than enough for most everyday trips and urban commuting*.

On longer journeys, the intelligent hybrid powertrain blends the best of electric and petrol power, seamlessly activating the 2.4-litre petrol engine to give you all the range you need, and combining the electric motors with the petrol engine when appropriate to deliver more torque and improved fuel economy. As a result, it can deliver up to 139.7mpg (WLTP combined) and CO2 emissions as low as 40g/km*.

The Outlander PHEV’s electric powertrain is also capable of recharging itself on the move, thanks to regenerative braking, and uses Battery Charge and Battery Save modes to preserve electric range for lower-speed urban driving.

Easy to charge; cost-effective to run

When you reach your destination, you can recharge the Outlander PHEV’s battery using a dedicated charger or your home supply, making the most of low-cost overnight electrical rates.

If you need an extra dose of charge while you’re out-and-about, a public rapid charger will let you regain up to 80% of your battery capacity and range in as little as 25 minutes.

A remote smartphone app** lets you monitor and control battery charging status and times remotely from the comfort of your home or office, as well as letting you pre-heat or pre-cool the cabin while it’s still charging – perfect for saving time, without losing any electric range.

As the Outlander PHEV is a true low-emissions plug-in hybrid – with zero emissions when running solely on electric power – it's congestion charge exempt, while company car drivers and businesses can make the most of BIK and tax benefits that further reduce annual running costs.

Four-wheel, more of the time

With electric motors on the front and rear axles, the Outlander PHEV delivers both electric and petrol four-wheel-drive, giving you more grip and confidence on the open road, while also letting you head onto loose-surface roads. You also get to control how you use that all-wheel performance.

An ECO mode delivers optimum efficiency, while SPORT mode sharpens the response from the electric motors. 4WD LOCK distributes torque equally to all four wheels for improved traction on loose and slippery surfaces, and there’s even a dedicated SNOW mode for winter driving.

The Outlander PHEV is also packed with advanced technology that has been designed to make driving easier and safer, with Blind Spot Warning on the 4h trim and Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Mitigation with pedestrian detection on the 4hs trim.

When you’re back in the heart of the town, a reversing camera is fitted as standard, with a 360-degree camera and Rear Cross Traffic Alert on the 4h trim and Ultrasonic Mis-acceleration Mitigation System – which prevents accidental application of the throttle at the slow speeds of stop-start traffic and parking – on the 4hs and 5hs trim levels

Spacious, practical and comfortable

The Outlander PHEV hasn’t only been designed to be efficient and easy to drive. It has also been engineered to offer all the space, practicality, comfort and technology you would expect from a large family-friendly Mitsubishi SUV. Clever packaging of the hybrid powertrain’s electric batteries minimises the impact on passenger comfort and load volume.

That means 1,602 litres (VDA) of rear load volume, with fold-and-tumble rear seats and a power tailgate on 4h and 4hs trims (and above) that make loading easy.

Up-front, you get a range of luxurious features – including keyless entry, dual-zone climate control and privacy glass – as standard, while the 4h and 4hs trims (and above) add black leather seats with a powered driver’s seat for added comfort. The Outlander PHEV is also great for staying in touch with home and work.  

The dash-mounted Smartphone Link Display Audio system lets you connect a smartphone**, letting you control apps for music, maps and live traffic, calls, voicemail and texts with the 7-inch touchscreen or voice control. So, whether you’re commuting for work, doing everyday chores in the city, or taking friends and family on a trip to conquer the great outdoors, the Outlander PHEV really is the great all-round SUV.

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* Fuel economy and CO2 results for the Outlander PHEV: mpg (l/100km) (weighted combined): 139.7 (2.0). Electric energy consumption (weighted combined): 3.68 miles/kWh. CO2 emissions (weighted): 40 g/km *. Equivalent all-electric range: 28 miles.

Specification varies by model. Fuel economy and CO2 figures shown were obtained using a combination of battery power and fuel. The Outlander PHEV is a plug-in hybrid vehicle requiring mains electricity for charging.

Figures shown are for comparability purposes. Only compare fuel consumption, CO2 and electric range figures with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. These figures may not reflect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including, accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load.

* There is a new test used for fuel consumption and CO2 figures. The CO2 figures shown however, are based on the outgoing test cycle and will be used to calculate vehicle tax on first registration.  

** Please note: Mitsubishi cannot guarantee compatibility with all mobile phones and Bluetooth devices with the hands-free system fitted to this vehicle. Please check with the mobile phone manufacturer for further information on compatibility.


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