Promoted: Peak Performance with the New Nissan LEAF

How Nissan conquered the highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales, with 462 miles of driving in 24 hours...

Promoted: Peak Performance with the New Nissan LEAF

The Three Peaks Challenge is one of the UK’s toughest outdoor tests, requiring you to scale the highest mountains of Scotland (Ben Nevis), England (Scafell Pike) and Wales (Snowdon) in under 24 hours. Alongside 23 miles of walking and 3,064m ascents, there’s 462 miles of driving to be done.

But, as Nissan proved recently, the 100% electric New Nissan LEAF is easily up to the task.

Thanks to the New LEAF’s larger 40kWh battery – with between 168 and 242 miles of range (WLTP Combined and City Cycle) – and a well developed UK infrastructure of 4,600 rapid chargers, Nissan’s team was easily capable of covering the distance between the three peaks in 24 hours, with charge left to spare.

Clever energy-saving technology – such as an Eco driving mode and a B mode with enhanced regenerative braking – preserved battery power on each leg of the trip, while the ability to recharge from 20% to 80% in around 60 minutes kept Nissan ahead of the clock.

Equally, Nissan Intelligent Mobility features – such as ProPILOT and e-Pedal – made navigating the motorways even easier and more relaxing, saving the team’s focus and energy for scaling the peaks.

As Gareth Dunsmore, Electric Vehicle Director of Nissan Europe, explained: “Climbing the highest peaks of Scotland, England and Wales in a single day, only using 100% electric power to drive between them, really is the epitome of a sustainable adventure.”

First impressions count

Chris Ramsey, founder of Plug In Adventures ( is used to going the distance in 100% electric cars. He previously drove the last-gen 30kWh Nissan LEAF from the UK to Siberia and back, but Nissan’s Three Peaks Challenge was his first taste of the even-more advanced New LEAF and its 40kWh battery.

“I was really impressed,” he said. “The extra range achievable between rapid charges makes a big impact, and the ProPILOT system helps relieve some of that motorway fatigue, while e-Pedal was great at encouraging efficient driving.”

No fuel is good fuel

Both Nissan and What Car? are committed to helping drivers understand the real cost of motoring. True MPG is What Car?’s guide to how many miles a petrol, diesel or hybrid car really does to the gallon. Still, when it comes to fuel efficiency, no petrol. diesel or hybrid engine can beat the Nissan LEAF: it uses no combustible fuel at all.

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