Promoted: Skoda Superb - a practical design that stands out

The styling of the new Superb draws on Skoda’s history, but also looks towards the future...

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What Car? Promotion
09 November 2015

The Skoda Superb has been the marque’s flagship model since it was launched in 2001, but for the all-new version the Czech firm started with a clean sheet of paper. The goal was to redesign the car in order to make it more striking to look at, while ensuring that it remained as practical to use as ever.

The resulting design is intended to build on Skoda’s long history, while also setting a future design direction with fresh, contemporary styling cues. 

The new Superb is significantly longer and wider than the previous model, which helps to add poise on the road while also increasing the amount of interior space. Skoda’s designers have set out to use that extra interior space to the maximum with some neat design cues inside the car, with a spacious, comfortable cabin complemented by a practical dashboard layout.

To take a closer look at the design of the new Skoda Superb, watch this video.