Promoted: Skoda Superb - plenty of space that's easy to access

The new Superb has class-leading interior capacity, and a range of features to make good use of it...

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30 Nov 2015 09:21 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

The new Skoda Superb is longer and wider than the previous model, making it one of the largest cars in its class. That means it has plenty of interior space, which Skoda’s designers have made as easy as possible to utilise.

The boot of the new Superb has a capacity of 660 litres, and with the rear seats folded down it can expand to a capacity of 1950 litres. And access to that space is made simple through features such as Virtual Pedal, a system that allows you to open the boot simply by swiping a foot below the rear bumper.

There isn’t just more space for luggage: the spacious cabin ensures drivers and passengers can travel in plenty of comfort. 

For an example of how spacious the new Superb is – utilising 15,000 green balls – just watch this video.