Readers review the Honda Civic Tourer

* Honda Civic Tourer reviewed by readers * Rival to Ford Focus and VW Golf estates * Goes on sale in early 2014...

Readers review the Honda Civic Tourer

The Honda Civic Tourer is the new estate version of the five-door hatchback. We've already had the chance to show it to What Car? readers, to see how they rate it compared to key rivals from Ford, Skoda and VW.

Space and practicality are pitched as its trump cards over the competition the 'magic seats' with bases that fold up are carried over from the hatchback, but theres also a huge 624-litre boot.

The Civic Tourer is 235mm longer than the hatchback and the slightly raised roofline promises more headroom above the back seats. Honda also claims that a redesign of the rear lights has improved visibility, which is one of the key problems with its five-door sibling.

Pricier versions of the Civic Tourer will be available with an Adaptive Damper System that has three settings Comfort, Normal and Dynamic. This setup continuously monitors driving style and road conditions and can temporarily firm up the ride to improve stability.

The 1.6 diesel and 1.8 petrol engines from the hatchback will be available in the Tourer, while silver and gloss black trim elements are the only changes to the interior. Specification levels will match those of the hatchback, with alloy wheels, climate control and a USB socket fitted as standard.