Readers review the new 2013 Nissan Note

* 2013 Note offers sleeker styling * Fiesta and Polo rival claims to have classier cabin * On sale now, priced from 11,900...

Readers review the new 2013 Nissan Note

The outgoing Nissan Note was popular with small families because of its hefty dose of practicality, squeezed into a diminutive body. However, its looks were never its most commanding asset.

The 2013 Nissan Note moves away from its predecessor's boxy image, with styling that's sleeker and more dramatic. Its cabin has also been styled with European tastes in mind, offering a much classier environment than before.

However, has this emphasis on image robbed it of what made it so popular in the first place its practicality?

We asked a team of What Car? readers made up of current and potential Nissan Note owners to take a look at the new car and tell us what they thought.

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By Tom Webster

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