Sportier Nissan Note planned

* Hot version of its new supermini * Would wear the Nismo badge * Should come within two years of launch...

Sportier Nissan Note planned

Nissan is to release a sporty version of its Note supermini, according to the companys executive vice-president for product planning, Andy Palmer.

The sporty Note would be part of Nissans plan to make the new car appeal to a younger audience and move it away from the 'sensible' image of its MPV-like predecessor.

You see the advent of the Nismo range [on the Juke Nismo] and there is no reason why there shouldnt be a Nismo version of the Note, said Palmer.

However, he was clear that this would not just be a cosmetic package: We are very clear with Nismo we are not going to dilute the brand reputation, which is particularly high in Japan.

The intention is to create an easy to enjoy sports car, much like the popular Suzuki Swift Sport.

Palmer said the car would offer accessible ride and handling, along with a range of different engine sizes.

Pricing would be at the top end of the Note range, with the Nismo set to go on sale within two years of the Note's launch.

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