Renault can use Zoe name

* Zoe name okay to use after court case * Families of Zoe Renaults complained * Electric car on sale next summer...

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What Car? Staff
11 November 2010

Renault has been given the go-ahead to call its new electric car the Zoe after a French judge dismissed the claims of two girls named Zoe Renault.

The lawyer for the two unrelated children said they could endure a lifetime of teasing and annoyance if Renault went ahead and used Zoe.

'Can you imagine what little Zoes would have to endure on the playground, and even worse, when they get a little bit older and someone comes up to them in a bar and says, "Can I see your airbags?" or "Can I shine your bumper?"' lawyer David Koubbi told Associated Press.

However the judge ruled that the parents would have a case only if they could prove that Renault naming the car Zoe would cause the children 'certain, direct and current harm'. Apparently, they couldn't.

Renault unveiled the electric Zoe at the Paris motor show last month. It's due to go on sale next summer.

And finally
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