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Used test: BMW i3 vs Renault Zoe verdict

These two are among the most affordable electric options on the used market, but which is the better buy?...

Used test: BMW i3 vs Renault Zoe

Our verdict

The BMW i3 is a great electric car but for a niche group of people. If you travel exclusively short distances and carry minimal items and people, it works wonders. For other buyers – possibly the majority – the i3 simply won't fit their lifestyle. 

That's why we recommend the Renault Zoe, instead. No, it isn't as premium inside and it certainly can't keep up with the i3 when you put your foot down, but its longer range and bigger boot make it the more versatile choice. 

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1st – Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe rear studio

For Cheaper to buy and run; goes further on a charge; roomier; softer ride
Against Cheap-feeling interior; no AEB

What Car? says 4 out of 5 stars

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2nd – BMW i3

BMW i3 rear studio

For Classier interior; impressive performance; sharper handling; faster charging
Against Poor range; less practical; ride could be smoother

What Car? says 3 out of 5 stars

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Specification: BMW i3 94Ah

Battery size 33kWh
Power 168bhp
Torque 184lb ft
0-60mph 7.2sec
Top speed 93mph
Official range 125 miles
Test range 74 miles

Specifications: Renault Zoe R90 ZE40 Dynamique Nav 

Battery size 41kWh
Power 87bhp
Torque 162lb ft
0-60mph 12.9sec
Top speed 84mph
Official range 174 miles 
Test range
138 miles

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