Renault offers windows on Twizy

* Renault offers windows as option on Twizy * Can be fitted to existing Twizys * On sale at end of November for 295...

Renault offers windows on Twizy

The Renault Twizy will be offered with windows from the end of November.

The windows can also be bought as an after-sale option, and can be fitted by owners to their existing Twizy if they wish.

Renault is charging 295 for the windows, with new and existing owners paying the same price. The device consists of a flexible window that zips into a metal frame. An opening in the window allows the driver to get access to the door handle.

A slot at the front and the rear of the window means that air is allowed to flow through the car and prevent it from steaming up. This means the Twizys new windows are intended to keep water out, rather than keeping the cabin warm.

The windows will be available from Renault dealers from the end of November.

By Tom Webster

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