Renault Twizy on video

* Cross between a scooter and car * All-electric; top speed of 50mph * Has a range of around 60 miles...

Renault Twizy on video

Have you ever been on holiday and fancied zipping around on a scooter but the thought of coming a cropper has put paid to the dream? Well, Renault may have something to get you buzzing.

Its called the Twizy and is being marketed as a cross between a scooter and a car think quad bike with a steering wheel and a roof.

Whats more, its powered by a battery. Instead of the ear-piercing crackle of a two-stroke engine, all youll hear is the muted whirr of the electric motor, the sizzle of tyres on Tarmac and the wind whistling past your shades.

As for emissions, there arent any providing you turn a blind eye to the power station that produced the electricity in the first place.

Driving the Twizy couldnt be easier. There are no gears to worry about, so its simply a case of turning the key, selecting Drive and pressing the accelerator pedal. Top speed is just 50mph, so youll be in no danger of getting a nosebleed.

Like all electric cars, though, the Twizys 20bhp power output is delivered the instant you put your foot on the go pedal, so it takes off pretty quickly.

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Renault Twizy on video
Click below to see the Renault Twizy in action with What Car? road test editor Pete Tullin.

Disc brakes are fitted to all four wheels, but theres no power assistance, so you need to give the pedal a good old shove to get the Twizy to stop.

Parking is a particular Twizy party piece, because it can be parked perpendicular to the kerb (where allowed) its no longer than most cars are wide.

Theres no need for either you or your passenger to wear a helmet. The four-point harness and steering wheel-mounted airbag are there to offer you suitable protection should the worst happen.

You can specify your Twizy with lightweight half-doors, but even without them the windscreen and a lightweight jacket will provide adequate weather protection.

The Twizys range is around 60 miles, and it takes just three-and-a-half hours to fully charge it, so it isnt only fun but could actually prove to be a genuine alternative to a fossil-fuel car for open-minded city-dwellers.