Saab: how are UK customers affected?

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Saab: how are UK customers affected?

Saab GB says it is unaffected by this morning's announcement that Saab Automobiles has filed for bankruptcy protection in Sweden, and has moved to reassure UK buyers that it will continue 'as normal'.

'Saab GB and its dealer network will continue to provide servicing, replacement parts and vehicle warranty facilities for Saab customers as normal,' said a spokesman.

Saab Automobiles filed to 'reorganise its business' under the Swedish courts so that it can protect itself from its creditors while the company tries to secure short-term funding.

It has signed a long-term deal with two Chinese car makers but that needs to be approved by the Chinese and Swedish governments, and in the interim the company has struggled to pay its staff and suppliers. It hasn't made any cars in its factory since the start of June.

Saab GB is independent from Saab Automobiles and says it 'has enough funding in place to meet all its creditor obligations and will continue to pay all its employees, dealers and suppliers as normal.'

It says the company and its dealer network still have more than 500 new cars and more than 1200 used cars available for sale as of today, and this is expected to cover UK requirements until production resumes.

In figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) Saab UK has sold more than 3700 cars this year that's up 27% compared with last year. It sold 92 cars in the traditionally quiet month of August, which is the exact same number it sold in August 2010.

The view is mixed, however. One car broker, who didn't want to be named, said: 'We wouldn't dare touch Saab. We can't be sure if the customer would get their car and we can't be sure we would get paid our commission. It's been like that for over a year.'

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