Seat Leon Ecomotive

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What Car? Staff
03 March 2009

The Government is going to have to change its free VED road tax threshold if all of the low CO2 cars in Geneva make production.

The Seat Leon Ecomotive Concept draws on a 13bhp 1.6-litre diesel engine, stop-start technology and brake energy regeneration to emit 99g of CO2/km.

Under the current VED road tax system, owners wouldn't have to pay a penny and they'd be saving money on fuel with an average of 74mpg predicted.

Hinting at how close to production the Seat Leon Ecomotive Concept is, it is fitted with the same standard kit as the current Seat Leon Ecomotive. This includes traction control, anti-lock brakes, six airbags, 16-inch wheels and air-con.

The concept car is, however, based on the facelifted model that is also on show here. Expect to see the updated Leon Ecomotive in the UK next year.