Seat Leon technology pack savings

* Seat Leon available with full LED headlights * Technology pack includes sat nav and DAB * Pack costs 500 until end of March; 1,075 usually...

Seat Leon technology pack savings

The Seat Leon is available with full LED headlights. It is the first hatchback to be available with this technology.

Neither the Audi A3 nor the Volkswagen Golf are available with full LEDs, the A3 headlights can be upgraded to xenon units while the Golf can be ordered with bi-xenon headlights.

Full LED headlights are brighter, more energy efficient and react more quickly to the brake pedal. LEDs also last longer than traditional bulbs and are less dazzling to oncoming drivers.

On the Leon the LED headlights are 995 as a standalone option or 1,075 as part of the technology pack which also gets buyers sat nav with voice control and DAB radio. The price for these options separately is 1,915. Seat is offering the technology pack for 500 on Leons ordered before 31 March. This is a saving of 575 over the full price technology pack and 1,415 over ordering the options separately.

The Audi A3 is not available with full LED headlamps. Xenon headlights are 1,250, sat nav is 495 and DAB radio is 305. Voice control is only available as part of the 1,495 technology pack. The total for all these options is 2,050 and the technology pack on the Seat saves 1,550 and gets full LEDs.

The VW Golf gets DAB as standard. There is no option for LED lights but bi-xenon units can be ordered for 785. Sat nave costs 735 and voice control 180, a total of 1,700. The sale price technology pack 1,200 cheaper.

There is no word yet as to whether or not full LED headlights will be available as a future option on the Golf or the A3.

The tech pack at the sale price of 500 is available no Leon SEs and FRs ordered before 31 March.

By Matthew Burrow