Subaru lifts lid on hybrid Tourer

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Subaru lifts lid on hybrid Tourer

A hybrid version of Subaru's Tourer estate car will be revealed at the Tokyo motor show later this month, alongside a fully electric car, a special Impreza WRX STI and new driving technologies.

Hybrid Tourer
The Tourer hybrid concept car combines an electric motor with a petrol engine. At low speeds, the car can run on electric power alone.

During acceleration, the electric motor boosts the engine's power. An engine stop-start system helps to conserve fuel when the car is stationary.

The lithium-ion battery is based on the technology used in Subaru's plug-in Stella electric vehicle, and is able to harness power generated during braking to improve efficiency.

Subaru will also be display its Eyesight driving-assist system at Tokyo. The technology works to assess road conditions and help predict potential problems.

For example, a camera recognises the presence of other cars, cyclists or pedestrians, to help prevent a collision.

The system includes a lane-departure-warning system and can also detect vehicles that move in and out of blind spots, before advising the driver how to react.

Impreza WRX STI Carbon
An exclusive version of Subaru's super-fast WRX STI hatchback, with carbonfibre in the roof, will also be on display. The carbon reduces weight and lowers the car's centre of gravity, improving handling.