What Car? says...

The slogan ‘Race on Sunday, sell on Monday’ used to work back in the day, but it turns out the latest Subaru Forester large SUV doesn’t need any on-the-track action to be the Japanese brand’s best-selling model worldwide.

You see, while Subaru's huge reputation in world rallying was undoubtedly helpful to sales (especially of the Impreza), it hasn't been involved in the sport for a decade, yet the Forester still sells in its thousands in America.


  • Not overall, but it is taller. The Subaru Outback is more than 20cm longer than the Forester, with 50 litres more boot space, while the Forester has more headroom. In the real world, you won’t be wanting for space in either. Read more here

  • The Forester is not actually a huge seller in the UK compared with other large SUVs but it is very popular in the US. That's especially true in states with significant snowfall, where the traction benefits of permanent four-wheel drive are undeniable. Read more here

  • The Forester is rated to tow up to 1870kg – considerably more than the most popular hybrid large SUVs. Read more here

  • Yes, it's a fast sports SUV version, but it's never been officially imported to the UK. That doesn’t look to be changing any time soon with the latest generation of Forester, which comes in a choice of three trim levels: XE, Sport and XE Premium. Read more here