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The South Korean car industry has a very strong relationship with North America, as the name of the Hyundai Tucson demonstrates. It’s entirely fitting, too – open up a map and you’ll find the city of Tucson nestled in the state of Arizona – a place where SUVs are as common as cacti.

Slotting into Hyundai’s SUV range below the bigger Santa Fe, the Tucson has been around as a model for some time now – it was called Tucson up until 2009 before a name-change to ix35. It’s now back to the Tucson nameplate, and has been given a brand new look for 2019.

Keeping the Tucson fresh is necessary in order to keep competitive against highly accomplished rivals such as the comfy Nissan Qashqai and sporty Seat Ateca.

Alongside the new look, the Tucson’s engine range has also been refreshed; one of the most significant changes being a mild-hybrid system that’s fitted to the diesel engines – it uses an electric motor to improve fuel economy or to give you a small boost when accelerating.

No matter what engine you go for, you can inject some pizzazz into your Tucson by going for the N Line trim that’s new for 2019 – Inspired by the Hyundai i30N hot hatch it gives you more aggressive looks and a sporty interior makeover, and can be ordered with the fuel-efficient mild-hybrid diesel engine.

But is the new, sleeker look and that hybrid engine tech enough to sway you towards the Tucson? Read on over the next few pages for everything you need to know, including which engine, trim and options to go for. Then, if you’ve made a decision, have a look at our New Car Buying pages for the best prices, without the hassle of haggling.

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