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The Subaru Levorg estate is rather oddly positioned here in the UK. You see, in Japan, you can buy one with the same turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine, suspension and four-wheel drive system as the old rally-bred WRX STi.

It’s hard not to agree that a 296bhp estate car with STi genes would be something quite tempting when you have a growing family but still want something exciting. But, over here, the Levorg is available only with a naturally aspirated version of that engine, and about half the power.

The Levorg arrived in the UK in 2015 before being updated in 2019. The bumper designs were tweaked, along with the grille and foglight positioning, but you’d struggle to notice the difference. Easier to spot are the new 18in alloy wheels with a two-tone finish.

As alluded to above, you can have only a 2.0-litre engine paired with a CVT automatic gearbox and Subaru’s symmetrical four-wheel drive system in the Levorg. There’s also only one trim level: GT. It’s well equipped, but that also means there are no overly affordable versions of the car, further limiting its appeal. Rivals such as the Skoda Octavia Scout are close in price but offer more powerful engines. 

So, is the rugged Levorg a better buy than the sensible Octavia Scout? Read on to find out how it drives, what it’s like for passengers and if its boot is big enough for family life. And if you want to buy a Levorg, or indeed any other car, make sure to visit our New Car Buying section to see how much money you could save.

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