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BMW 5 Series Touring review

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What could possibly top a BMW 5 Series? After all, we’ve championed it as one of the best cars on sale. So how about a 5 Series with an even bigger boot: the 5 Series Touring? It will bestow on you the same driving panache and luxury as the saloon, the theory goes, but with enough space in the back to take your dog along for the ride, too.

The 5 Series Touring features many of the same engines, the same plush interior and the same abundance of fancy gizmos that make the saloon so good, but does that make it the best premium estate you can buy? Not necessarily; being an estate, it needs to have the practical side covered, too.

Or should you pick from the plethora of other deluxe wagons on the market instead? Read on and we’ll furnish you with all there is to know about the 5 Series Touring and how it measures against rivals including the Audi A6 Avant, Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate and Volvo V90.

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