Subaru to reveal new sports car

* Rear-wheel-drive car at Geneva motor show * Concept called BOXER Sports Car Architecture * Built in collaboration with Toyota...

Subaru to reveal new sports car

Subaru will unveil a rear-wheel-drive sports car at the Geneva motor show next week.

The car has been jointly developed with Toyota. While Toyota's FT-86 II concept car, also on show in Geneva, is expected to be promoted as a lower-emissions sports car, Subaru is expected to put its emphasis on extra power.

Subaru initially calls the car the BOXER Sports Car Architecture because it is built around Subaru's Boxer engine. Expect that name to be dropped for something a little snappier.

A Boxer engine has horizontally opposed pistons which punch out like two boxers standing back-to-back. Subaru likes this layout because it believes it cuts vibration and gives the car a lower centre of gravity.