The sound of Infiniti

* Warning noise from otherwise silent hybrids * M35h has one sound to warn it's approaching * Another to let you know it's reversing...

25 Nov 2010 17:48 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

Infiniti has 'unveiled' the noise its M35H hybrid will generate to warn vulnerable road users when it's running on battery power.

Hybrids and electric cars can pose a danger to pedestrians and cyclists because of their silent operation, so noises are being developed to let them know they're coming.

The aptly named vehicle sound for pedestrians (VSP) system is designed to work on frequencies that other road users will pick up, but that will not add to noise pollution.

The system in the M35h, which goes on sale next spring, works up to speeds of 19mph, after which road noise would alert pedestrians and cyclists to the approach of the car.

Click below for the sound of the M35h approaching