The UK's quietest cars revealed

If you value peace and quiet, or simply want to listen to your favourite tunes without being disturbed by a noisy car, one of the quiestest cars should suit you. Here's our round-up of the models...

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Some people relish the noise of a throaty exhaust or a rumbly V8 engine, but others want a quieter life. For all those drivers who are in the latter group, we've rounded up the cars with the quietest interiors. 

The cars have been chosen by the experts in our road test team, who drive hundreds of miles in cars to evaluate them for our reviews and group tests. The serenity of some of the choices is dependent on the suspension and tyres they're fitted with, so make sure you stick with what's recommended.  

We've also included some less refined models, which you might want to avoid it interior serenity is a priority. 

Click through our slideshow to find out which are the quietest new cars.  

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