Toyota Prius may be recalled abroad

* Hybrid may be recalled * Braking problems confirmed * Cars in US and Japan affected...

Toyota Prius may be recalled abroad
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What Car? Staff
5 Feb 2010 10:00

Toyota may recall some of its 2010 Prius hybrid models in the US and Japan after admitting brake problems with some cars.

It follows the recall of more than eight million cars worldwide following an accelerator problem.

More than 100 owners of the new Prius in the US reported braking problems, in which the brakes were either slow to deploy, or worked unevenly.

Although the company claims to have fixed the problem in vehicles sold since January, the new model went on sale in May 2009.

'There are reasons to believe that a recall could be put in place [in the US and Japan], but it's still early hours and early days,' said Toyota UK's managing director Miguel Fonseca.

No UK cars are reported to have been affected.