Turn your Maserati into a racer

* New MC Sport Line kit on sale * Lower ride and stiffer suspension available * Carbonfibre spoilers and details can be ordered...

Turn your Maserati into a racer

Maserati has launched a new package of options to allow owners to personalise their cars.

Called MC Sport Line, the accessories are designed to appeal to buyers who want to give their cars a more race-like look and feel.

Buyers can order stiffer suspension and a lower ride height to improve the car's handling, while add-ons include carbonfibre front and rear spoilers, mirror housings and door handles, aluminium pedals and 20in alloy wheels.

Carbonfibre detailing for the door panels, dashboard and central tunnel is also available.

The kit is available as a package or individually, according to the buyer's preference. No prices have been announced.

MC Sport Line accessories are available initially on just the GranTurismo S, but will spread throughout the entire Maserati range during 2009.