Used Ford Mondeo Estate vs Skoda Superb Estate

Two capacious estates, but which one of these good to drive and practical cars has stood the test of time better?...

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10 Apr 2017 08:54

What are they like inside?

Sitting behind the wheel, there’s little to choose between these two cars for space. Each has plenty of leg and head room. Both also come with height and reach-adjustable steering wheels, although the Mondeo’s extends farther towards you, which is a bonus if you’re really tall and need to have the seat a long way back. If you are tall, you may also find the Skoda’s steering wheel blocks your view of the instruments. However, the Skoda’s dials are otherwise clearer and easier to read than the Ford’s.

You get snug-fitting sports seats on Titanium-trim Mondeos, which hold you in position well through corners. However, the Superb’s part-Alcantara seats are wider, firmer and posher-looking. Both cars have adjustable lumbar support as standard. Although the Skoda is just slightly the cheaper car to buy at this age point, you wouldn’t guess it from inside. Prod the surfaces or play with the buttons and everything feels classy and built to last. The Mondeo feels a grade or two behind, with harder plastics and less tactile switchgear.

There’s an abundance of space in the rear of both cars, but the Superb has vastly more. The extra few centimetres of leg room give it the feel of a limo. Both cars will carry three adults, although the middle passenger in the Skoda will be a little less claustrophobic.

Used Ford Mondeo Estate vs Skoda Superb Estate

Both load bays are thoughtfully designed, with 12-volt sockets and bag hooks, although only the Superb has a handy rechargeable torch fitted as standard. However, it’s a shame that when the car was new Skoda charged extra for boot-mounted levers to drop the rear seats. What’s more, when the Superb’s rear seats are folded, there’s an annoying ridge in the floor of the extended load bay, unless that is the original owner paid more and ordered the optional false floor. There are no such issues in the Mondeo. Powered tailgates were optional on both cars, so when you’re buying try to seek out a car that’s had it specified, as this is especially useful when you’re got your arms full.

Both cars have touchscreen infotainment systems with sat-nav. The Ford’s screen is bigger (8.0in vs 6.5in), but the Superb’s system is much more user-friendly and came with the option of being upgraded to a larger screen with a DVD player and wi-fi connectivity. Again, it’s worth seeking out a car that’s had this specified.

Used Ford Mondeo Estate vs Skoda Superb Estate

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