Used Mercedes C-Class (14-present) long-term review

Buying used brings a premium badge within reach – but is it worth it? Our two-year-old C-Class will help us find out...

Used Mercedes C-Class (14-present) long-term review

The car 2015 Mercedes-Benz C220 Bluetec Sport Premium Plus Run by Alex Robbins, used cars editorWhy it’s here It’s one of the best-selling used executive cars, so we want to find out what all the fuss is about – and whether buying a two-year-old example is a worthwhile alternative to a newer car from a less upmarket brandNeeds to Cosset through city traffic jams and motorway snarl-ups during the week and smooth away the miles on longer weekend trips

Price when new £35,655 Price on arrival £24,270 Approx value now £19,000 Mileage on arrival 7998 Mileage now 20,502 Test fuel economy 41.5mpg Official fuel economy 68.9mpg

Prices based on a car with Premium Plus pack but no further optional extras

30 May 2018 – the MOT test

I’ve sat waiting for news of an MOT test result many a time before. But doing so the other day was a new experience, because I wasn’t waiting for news of one of my own cars. No, this time I was waiting to find out how our C-Class had done.

That’s unusual, because even our used long-termers are normally less than three years old. However, with our C-Class about to notch up its third birthday, a test was due. So I booked it in at Mercedes-Benz Caterham for the test to be carried out.

It wasn’t the only reason the experience was a strange one, though, because the Caterham dealership doesn’t have its own MOT facilities on site; instead, you deliver the car there and they take it to a small independent test station down the road.

I found the arrangement a little bizarre – after all, I was expecting the work to be done on site by Mercedes technicians – but I was still able to wait in the comfortable seating area at the dealership with a complimentary coffee and wi-fi. And soon the car was returned to me, washed and vacuumed – and, happily, having passed the test with no advisories.

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