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Used test: Abarth 124 Spider vs Audi TT Roadster costs

One of these used cars is a drop-top bargain and the other is a great all-rounder, but which should you choose for your path to wind-in-the-hair glory?...

Abarth 124 Spider

Buying and owning

Costs, equipment, reliability, safety

You can now pick up a 124 for around £19,000 at five years old, meaning it’s considerably cheaper to buy than the £24,000 TT. Interestingly, both cars would have cost you about the same new; the extra £600 Audi asked for the TT was easily clawed back through discounts that weren’t offered on this particular version of the 124.

Abarth 124 Spider

However, the steeper depreciation of the 124 – which makes it look so affordable here – is likely to continue as both cars age, which means that in the long term it will cost you more in running costs, as when you come to sell it it will be worth considerably less than you paid for it, and much less than the equivalent TT.  

As far as the other running costs go, the 124 will also cost you more service and to fuel, although it should cost slightly less to insure. In our latest What Car? Reliability Survey, the TT proved much more reliable than the 124, placing first in the sports, coupé and convertible category, while the 124 came seventh out of the eight cars featured. The TT managed a perfect 100% reliability rating – the 124 only scored 84.5%. Audi as a brand finished in 18th place out of 30 brands, while Fiat finished in last place. 

Audi TT Roadster vs Mercedes-Benz SLC

Both cars came new with a decent amount of standard equipment, including Bluetooth and a DAB radio, plus you got keyless start and cruise control. The 124 also added climate control, full leather seats and sat-nav as standard – all were optional extras in the TT.

The TT would have suited those who like to personalise their car, with a better choice from new of colours, wheels and interior trims over the 124. Disappointingly, neither of our contenders was available from new with automatic emergency braking – even as an option.

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